March 14

Have YOU been to Tequila Town yet?


Welcome to Tequila Town App!🥃

Hi there! We´re House of Rare and we want to welcome you to enter a whole new experience level by becoming part of our awesome Tequila family.🤝 🎉

Be part of an incredible journey and help us spread the word about House of Rare, what we do and our super cool and promising products and merch. So, are you a super big fan and Tequila lover and got a spare 5 minutes every day?If your answer is YES then… keep reading! 

🎁 What is the Tequila Town App?

House of Rare is proud to announce the release of our Tequila Town App!

Tequila Town App is a fun quarterly bounty competition to win amazing PRIZES, ranging from cash rewards to PREMIUM products like our Tequila Bottles and Barrels by helping us find new users, investors and enthusiasts for the Tequila world.

The app will allow users from around the world the ability to earn POINTS by playing games, solving quizzes, winning fun challenges, learning and helping us spread the word about who we are and what we do. Top player (that one with the most SHOTS accumulated) will earn super awesome prizes from our Rewards Pool like a Premium Tequila Barrel plus a trip for 2 to the real Tequila Town located in Mexico…all for FREE!

Top 250 power users in the Leaderboard will also share and get super nice rewards like fractional Barrels, Premium Merch and even Ca$h Rewards in exchange for the support and time spent supporting our vision and our business.

In short, our app truly rewards the dedication and hard work undertaken by the user. Are you ready to play and become part of our growing family?

⚡ How do POINTS and App´s Levels work?

As we want to make sure that those who work the hardest to promote our vision and products receive the highest and most valuable rewards, we’ve implemented a points and level system, designed to bring out that competitive streak deep inside of you.

By completing actions in the Tequila Town App each user will receive what we call “POINTS” (in-app points that from now on we will call “SHOTS”). Earn and accumulate the most SHOTS you can in order to rank better in the final Leaderboard; because with a higher rank, higher (and better) rewards will come.

Tequila Town App will have 5 Tiers and 3 Top Special Prizes:

TIERS (from lower to upper ones)

Top 250: The lower tier in App that will receive rewards in exchange for their efforts. Users belonging to this Tier will earn $5 in Cash for their enthusiastic dedication to the App.

Top 100: Users in this Tier in the final leaderboard will each earn some incredible and exclusive PREMIUM MERCHANDISE. Rewards will  come in the form of cool stylish apparel to must-have accessories. You should know that our collection reflects the essence of rare and exceptional experiences, so it’s unique. You will be able to show your passion for fine tequila and quality living with the RAREmerch you could win!

Top 50: Users belonging to this Tier will be rewarded each with a 5% Fractional Barrel which means you will own a super nice 5% of the total price of a Rare Tequila Barrel allowing you to dip your toes into the world of tequila investments with an incredible 5% fractional barrel investment. It’s a perfect starting point to experience the excitement of tequila barrel ownership and potential financial gains.

Top 25: Users in this Tier in the final leaderboard will each earn an impressive collector’s item: a Hand-made Huichol Art Infinity Tequila Bottle! Only 25 lucky ones will own a piece of exquisite Mexican artistry. Each bottle is a unique masterpiece, beautifully crafted by indigenous Huichol artisans, making it a collector’s dream.

Top 10: Top of the top! 10 super heroes will receive a 20% Fractional Barrel plus a personal video message from a chosen celebrity! Secure your stake in the tequila-making process with a 20% fractional barrel investment. You’ll have a piece of the action as your portion of the barrel ages and grows in value: if 5% sounds promising, 20% is 4 times more promising even!


3rd Place: The user owning the 3rd Place will earn a Barrel or Trip to Tequila Town plus Premium Merchandise for his/her exceptional commitment.

2nd Place: The reward for the Silver winner is a Barrel or Trip, a Hand-made Huichol Art Infinity Tequila Bottle and some super cool Premium RAREmerch in recognition for such outstanding achievement!

1st Place: Mastering the whole Leaderboard is not easy so the First Place owner will get a FULL Barrel + All-Inclusive Trip for 2 to Tequila Town in Mexico ($750 flight voucher included) and a full set of Premium RAREmerch as a very special reward!

The most dedicated Tequila Town App users will receive the highest accolade for their true grit and determination in promoting our messages, products and vision to the max!

Before you go and read the next section you should know the following:

A Complete Tequila Barrel Investment worth +$6,000 USD giving you the opportunity to invest in a full tequila barrel worth over $6,000. You will be able to watch as your investment matures and turns into premium aged tequila, all while enjoying potential returns on your investment.

The Trip to Tequila Town for 2 is an unique experience you could enjoy only once in your whole life. You will immerse yourself in the heart of Tequila, Mexico, with a memorable trip for two; exploring the rich culture, heritage, and the birthplace of world-class tequila. You will discover distilleries, savour local cuisine, and create lasting memories in this beautiful destination. Includes a $2,000 voucher to be used for your flights to Guadalajara, plus all accommodation, internal transport, tours, meals and drinks provided!

💸 How do you earn SHOTS?

You can earn SHOTS in different ways, but typically, you will need to engage with different tasks and complete them the correct way in order to earn those sweet points.

Image of different tasks in the Tequila Town App´s Task Feed

Complete lots of tasks to receive lots of SHOTS in exchange. Tasks can vary and usually involve promoting House of Rare events and social posts in as many ways as possible.

Some tasks may have quizzes attached. This enables the House of Rare Community to learn and really become passionate about our Tequila, what we do and our different products while completing the tasks. 

You can also earn SHOTS by referring friends to become new users. The more people you refer to the App, the more SHOTS you will earn and faster you will climb to the top!

Tasks are updated daily so there is incentive to log in every single day!

🎰 Tequila Town App Spin n’ Win? Yes: we do have a Jackpot Machine!

Spin the Jackpot and EARN amazing prizes every day!

This is another way for you to earn lots of super cool prizes and even get more SHOTS in one sitting! 

All you need to do is head over daily and spin the jackpot machine to try your chance at winning a jackpot, additional rewards and even CASH! 

It’s another incentive to try and earn the highest level of our Community Rewards Program. Rewards will either be delivered instantly or within a few days depending on what you win!

🏆 A Leaderboard… and even more!

A community reward program that prides itself on being built for the best, should have a proper leaderboard.

Our Leaderboard ranks and tracks every signed-up member competing within our campaign. This allows you to track your own progress while keeping an eye on your competition.

The Leaderboard updates automatically and is shown off in real-time. Check it daily for the extra boost of motivation!

🎧 Need further help or facing a problem? We got you covered!

Right at the bottom of your user profile´s screen you will find this little hyperlink (Contact Help Desk) which will allow you to directly contact our support team to report any issues you may find with the app. Once reported, our super fast support crew will try to address the issue and reply back as soon as possible.

Please include all the info you can in the support ticket so we can act fast and accurately.

Use our Support Help Desk whenever you find some issues and want to direct report

❤️ Final words…

Excited about RARETequila, about what we do, who we are and those super BIG and AWESOME rewards we will be delivering to our most dedicated Community members? This is your opportunity to join our growing family the right way while supporting and helping us spread the word at the same time. If you are passionate about all thingsTequila and want to have an unique opportunity to enjoy life as it should be then JOIN US TODAY!

So, what are you waiting for? Time is GOLD here (or a nice Tequila shot 😃)! The more time you lose, the less time you have to earn SHOTS and rank better! See you on the top of the hill! 

Sign up to Tequila Town App here: 

Official Website: 


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